We are working towards creating decent jobs and new income generating opportunities, which can secure that everybody can earn a living wage.


Most low- and middle-income countries are a severe shortage of jobs and income-opportunities, especially for the younger generation and vulnerable groups such as refugees.


We are working towards creating new income opportunities by introducing new products and contribute to developing new markets and strengthening existing value-chains.


Our approach to job creation is to work at a system level, based on the recognition that sustainable jobs require well-functioning markets.


To secure an income for people from agriculture requires for example more than just supplying a goat – it also requires access to medicine, veterinarians, and loans – and a well-functioning value chain from feed production to consumers.


One of our projects that works with this approach is “Refugee Insect Production for Food and Feed” financed by the Novo Nordisk Fonden with DKK 15 mil for a duration of 4 years.

In this project are working to integrate refugees in Western Uganda in the Ugandan economy by giving them the opportunity to produce the Black Soldier Fly Larvae as a protein source in animal feed.


You can read more on the project website:  https://refipro.raiseorg.dk/

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