We are working with local civil society organisations to ensure that everyone has access to social security.

Job creation alone is not sufficient to eradicate extreme poverty around the world. It requires national governments to invests far more in social security transfers such as old age pensions, child benefits and benefits for persons with disabilities.

The Sustainable Development Goal number 1 is to eradicate poverty in all its forms everywhere. In particular, target 1.3 is important for achieving this goal: that everyone should have access to social security when they need it.

We know from Denmark and other high-income countries the significance of income transfers for reducing inequality and poverty. In Denmark 23% of the population would live in relative poverty without taxes and transfers. Because of the Danish welfare system, only 5% actually do so.

The situation is very different in most low- and middle-income countries. Governments in most countries in Africa and Asia invest far below 5% of their GDP in social security transfers. And a large part of this goes to the more wealthy part of the population in the form of civil service pensions.

If we are to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 1 and significantly reduce poverty and inequality it will require far larger investments in universal social security programmes like old age pensions, child benefits and benefits for persons with disabilities.

The consequences of the current limited investments in these programmes is that most families with children are not receiving the necessary resources to provide their children with nutritious food and afford sending them to school.

4 billion people are still not receiving the support they need and have a right to. 87% of the population in Africa South of Sahara do not have access to social security benefits.

We are working together with local civil cociety organisations to secure better access to social security in low- and middle-income countries.

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